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forum reklamowe forum reklamowe
forum reklamowe forum reklamowe
forum reklamowe forum reklamowe
forum reklamowe forum reklamowe

Przesunięty przez: Władca Ziemniaków
2019-04-21, 10:17
Rectangular Flags
Autor Wiadomość

Dołączył: 21 Kwi 2019
Posty: 6


Wysłany: 2019-04-21, 02:17   Rectangular Flags

Rectangular flags are a great alternative to feather or teardrop flags .Flags are made to strike the eye as they lightly dance in the wind. They are often seen everywhere like yards ,beach, sports ground or shop; they are very easy to install and carry, and impossible for viewers to ignore who pass by.

Printing skill Digital printing or heat transfer printing
Feature No curve at the top and the design will always display;
Gives you great print space and coverage to catching eyes
Light weight and easy to hand-held
Flag material Knitted polyester (for enduringness life)
Rectangular Flags Aluminum+Fiberglass:75*166cm,90*200cm,110*288cm,130*350cm;
Fully Fiberglass:75*195cm,90*300cm,110*370cm
Stitching Double stitching edges
Fixture Pole, base, carrying case
The Structure 3ply(double sided with block out liner) or 1ply
Usage Event, Games, Publicity,Promotion, Decoration, Holidays, Display etc.
size 2.7m,3.3m,4.4m(Custom Size)
As for the rectangular style gives you great print space and coverage. We can made the flags which teardrop flags, A frame banners, stick flags, table cloth ,pop up tent and more. We have our own factory for both flags and hardware that make us able provide best service, high quality products with competitive price. We hope to be your flags maker. Please take a note, not only High-quality product we provide, but also humanized service,best shipping service and after-sales service we offer. Rectangular Flags

GG 69265081 do 02.12

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